Monica Argentino -Artworks

Collage – Mixed media – frottage on bamboo paper, framed, 30×20 cm.
The work was made with human prints on which the artist later intervened with other mediums. ©Monica Argentino

“Trasmutazioni”, 2020

Mixed media on bamboo paper, 20×15 cm. ©Monica Argentino

“Idiosincrasia #8“, 2020

From the project “Beyond the body”, painting and design by Monica Argentino, photos by Luca Caravaggio , 30cmx40cm ©Monica Argentino

“Oltre il corpo”, 2017

From the Video Art project “Involucro”, Project and video by Monica Argentino, photos by Lorenzo Lombardi, 30cmx40cm ©Monica Argentino

“Involcuro”, 2018